A letter from the Founder

EkoKlean Ltd, formerly known as AMBob Cleaning & Support Services Ltd is becoming
eco-friendly cleaning company

This is a major change in our more than 12-year-old road of providing cleaning services

Recently, we have noticed how important is the need to protect our environment and we grew up to major changes in our company’s activities. That is why we decided to become a “green” company with Net Zero target to be achieved in 2030.

The changes we are introducing now aim to achieve the goals, like:

  1. protect the soil – we start using only eco-friendly cleaning liquids. We give up of using bleach and other harmful chemicals
  2. use less water – in light soiled areas we give up of using traditional mop sets and replace them with flat mop system. It will reduce water consumption without sacrificing cleaning quality
  3. produce less waste – we start using only biodegradable, colour-coded j-clothes. Mop heads – we provide durable and washable mop heads. This will reduce need of frequent replacing them

Next steps:

  1. Mobile App: we plan to replace signing paper copies of cleaning schedules and log lists for a list on a mobile app. It would help us to save hundreds of paper copies every year
  2. Waste bags: we will replace current bin bags with biodegradable ones

In the future:

  1. Start cooperation with organisations focused on protecting our environment
  2. NET ZERO cleaning services by 2030

More details will be published soon. In the meantime we would be happy to answer any of your queries.

Please visit our other website: www.ambob.co.uk

Yours faithfully,

Boguslaw (Bob) Rodowicz, Founder & Managing Director
EkoKlean Ltd